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The Club a'Gogo and The Newcastle Mod Scene book will be available for

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Club a'Gogo

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We are delighted to bring to you in 2021 our book on the original Club a' Gogo and the Newcastle mod scene.  Through interviews with the original mods we tell their story.  Newcastle in the 1960s was known as a 'mod mecca' . The book tells of their mod haunts, the clubs, the scooters, the music. and their love of clothes.  Above all they tell us of the thrill of being a teenager and their simple joy of life during those glory years in

Newcastle's history .


We aim to follow this book up with further books on Newcastle's musical and cultural heritage.  

Jools & Paul Donnelly

"Move on up"

“The Club a'Gogo Facebook group has made lockdown more than bearable, just look at the responses to the things you do.  Even my very trendy niece is fascinated by the group and the posts

Edward Smith

Original Newcastle Mod

"This new Club a'Gogo group has made a lot of people who are in their 70s very happy, remembering the good times they had in the 60s at the Club a'Gogo and meeting up with friends who they haven't seen or heard from and sharing their memories"

Linda  Donnelly

Original 60s Mod


"Club a'Gogo is an inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy not only the cultural heritage of Newcastle but the mod phenomenon as a whole.  Jools and Paul work very hard to champion the roots of the original club and do a great job.  They have a passion to make sure Club a/Gogo remains not only part of British history but it's future too"

Johnny Bradley

Mods of Your Generation

"Club a'Gogo is a brilliant thing for people like me, it creates a sense of community for people with the same interests and a window into a past full of the music, style and atmosphere that I love so much"

Glen McCarthy

North East Mod, 18