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A night with Chris Farlowe...

What a fantastic night we had last night, we finally got to meet the mod legend that is Chris Farlowe. An absolute gent and Chris even came and sat with us at the end of the gig as he was interested to know more about the Club a'Gogo heritage plaque. Chris has fond memories of the Gogo and of Newcastle. We gave him as a small gift, a copy of Issue 4 of The Downbeat Magazine as it had John Waters's fantastic piece on Chris in it (he loved it John!).

Bearing in mind Chris is 81, he's still got it, giving us a brilliant rendition of Handbags and Glad Rags to a packed hall. And of course everyone leapt up to dance to Chris's finale of 'Out of Time'.

Thanks so much Carole for inviting us and to Andrew and the team behind Chris's new film 'Out of Time' which is due out soon. Good to finally meet you all.

We had an AMAZING night xxx


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