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and the story so far...

We are delighted that the work we are doing to promote and remember Newcastle's most recent cultural heritage is being recognised and written about in the local press.  We will continue our work to raise the profile of Newcastle's glorious, and we feel at times, forgotten musical history. Our biggest achievement to date is in gaining a heritage plaque for the Club a'Gogo and more are to follow... watch this space! 

Jools and Paul Donnelly

Evening Chronicle review 1.jpg

Evening Chronicle

November 2019

The beginning ...

This is where we started our journey into Newcastle's musical past. We named our club nights after that once famous club, which apart from the fantastic Ready Steady Gone blog had been largely forgotten. Read the full article here

The Crack Magazine

November 2019

Our first review...

Newcastle's alternative Crack magazine features us in their club preview section

The Crack magazine review.jpg

Dedicated Follower

January 2020

An interview with a national mod zine

This was our first interview with one of the established mod zines, the Dedicated Follower. Spreading the word about the Newcastle scene.

Start Magazine

February 2020

Mod zines want to know more ...

We find that we are generating a bit of a buzz on the mod scene who want to find out more about us and the Club a'Gogo

Start Magazine with us in.jpg
The Journal Feb 2021_edited.jpg

The Journal

February 2020

The country goes into lockdown...

The world is hit by a global pandemic. We realise many of our followers, the original Club a'Gogo members are in the vunerable category and will be the worst affected by the lockdown. We set up a Facebook group for the original club goers to allow them to interact with like minded people, this community goes some way to help avoid feelings of isolation. Read the full article here

NME Richard Williams PPE_edited.jpg

Facebook Fundraiser

May 2020

NHS Emergency PPE Fundraiser

At the start of the Covid pandemic the NHS has a severe shortage of PPE equipment for frontline staff. Club a'Gogo facilitate an online fundraiser for this essential PPE. Unbelievably, trolls use this as an opportunity to accuse us of stealing the donations. You couldn't make it up...

The Club a'Gogo Book

April 2020

The idea for the Club a'Gogo book is formed...

Yet again we get inspired, this time from hearing the amazing stories from the original Newcastle mods about the Club a'Gogo. We want to tell their story, we start writing... Pre Order the book here

BOOK cover Club a Gogo_edited.jpg
Front Cover Issue 1.jpg

The Downbeat Magazine

May 2021

The Downbeat magazine is born ...

Inspired by us being featured in a couple of mod zines we think 'how hard can it be??' (to publish our own magazine). The Downbeat, named after Newcastle's Downbeat jazz club is born. Order Issue 1 here

Evening Chronicle

May 2021

 A heritage plaque for Club a'Gogo!

The more we research the history of the Club a'Gogo for our book the more angry we get, why is this club, the 'Home of the Animals' not being remembered as an important part of Newcastle's history? We lobby Newcastle Council for a heritage plaque. We are successful. Read the full article here

FRONT COVER MAG ISS 2_edited.jpg

The Downbeat Magazine

June 2021

Issue 2 of The Downbeat published

We get a taste for publishing and Issue 2 of The Downbeat quickly follows, this time featuring Newcastle mods Anne and Lisle. Order Issue 2 here

Look North

July 2021

Television interview with BBC Look North

We have a socially distanced interview with the reporter from BBC Look North, televised that same evening. We tell of our delight at being successful in gaining a heritage plaque for Club a'Gogo

look north july 21_edited.jpg

The Downbeat Magazine

August 2021

Issue 3 of The Downbeat published

Issue 3 of The Downbeat is a Bank Holiday special featuring Newcastle mod, Ed on the cover and mod legend, Irish Jack  on the cover of the pull out section. Order Issue 3 here

Living North Magazine

October 2021

Rediscovering Newcastle’s Mod Culture...

We never thought that one day we would be interviewed for the North's luxury lifestyle magazine, Living North but here we are spreading the word yet again. Read the full article here

Living North oct 21.jpg
NE1 interivew oct 21_edited.jpg

The NE1 Magazine

October 2021

Club a'Gogo Mod Nights relaunched

Tryng to run an events business during a pandemic is tough, but with restrictions (sort of) easing we re-launch Club a'Gogo mod nights. Check out our current events here

Evening Chronicle

February 2022

Newcastle's Handyside Arcade is back...

Not content with getting the history of the Club a'Gogo mainstream, our next venture is to remember Newcastle's lost arcade, the Handyside Arcade. We start our new alternative markets. Read the full article here

handyside arcade market feb 22.jpg
LIVING NORTH Handyside arcade interview_edited.jpg

Living North Magazine

March 2022

Newcastle's New Indie Markets 

The Living North magazine yet again gets behind us to help us promote our new market which is set up support local indie traders and students. Read the full article here


The Downbeat Magazine

January 2022

Issue 4 of The Downbeat published

My (Jool's the Editor) personal favourite. This time featuring the powerhouse that was Nina Simone. As always The Downbeat continues to promote local artists and sub cults. Order Issue 4 here

The Handyside Arcade Book

March 2022

Why can't I be you?

Yet again we get inspired, we love hearing all of the stories of the arcade and Newcastle's lost sub cult history. We plan our next book, Why can't I be you? If anyone would like to contribute to the book please email Jools at

3d mock up version 2 Handyside Arcade _edited.jpg
Mock up book cover 3D v 2_edited.jpg

Diary of a Mod Girl Book

April 2022

Newcastle through the eyes of a
60s mod girl around town

We are honoured to be able to tell the story of Newcastle mod girl around town, Anne. More details to follow

Evening Chronicle

August 2022

Club a'Gogo Plaque Unveiling date announced

It had been a long wait but finally with all Covid restrictions ended we could announce the date for the Club a'Gogo heritage plaque unveiling ceremony as Thursday, 8 September 2022. Read the full article here

Club a gogo.jpg

Newcastle Council

September 2022

Club a'Gogo Plaque Unveiled at last!

We were so proud to finally unveil the Club a'Gogo heritage plaque along with Mike Grehan and Anne Wilson Cotton, with the Lord Mayor in attendance, a momentous day for Newcastle's . Read the full article here

heritage plaque unveiling.jpg
heritage plaque ACTUAL.jpg

Evening Chronicle

September 2022

Club a'Gogo Plaque Unveiled at last! Part 2

With people flying in from all across the globe, Percy Street was rammed with people eagerly waiting for the unveiling ceremony to take place. We were thrilled to be joined by Germaine Valentine, representing Hilton Valentine, local legends Lindisfarne and the Junco Partners. What a day! . Read the full article here

Tony Klinger quote.pptx.png

Heritage Walks

July 2022

The Get Carter Location Walks

We had wanted to do this for a long time as we are huge Get Carter fans and  finally we launched the Get Carter location walks this summer. Even better our walks were endorsed  by Tony Klinger , son of Get Carter Producer, Michael Klinger. These tours are private, max 4 people for that personal touch,  Book  a private tour here

get carter walk.jpg

Club a'Gogo Heritage Walks

August 2022

When you love your 'job'...

With the date of the Club a'Gogo heritage plaque finally planned we announced our Club a'Gogo heritage walks. Having already taken people from New Zealand, Oslo and Holland on our Get Carter walks we suddenly realised this 'work' is fun! . Book your private tour here

The After Party

September 2022

Well it's not every day you get awarded a heritage plaque ...

After such an exciting day, it was time to party! And what a night we had with the rock royalty of Newcastle all joining us to celebrate. Animals tribute band Animal Tracks kept the dancefloor packed and a good time was had by all.  An amazing night! AND we are going to do it all again on the 29 December, book your tickets here 

heritage plaque after party 2.jpg
heritage plaque article_edited.jpg

Newcastle Council

September 2022

The Interviews ...

See the film clips and interviews from this amazing day! . View the film here

The Student Markets

June 2022

The Student Markets are coming to Newcastle

And yet again we are inspired (a recurring theme here...) when we see the students who have free tables at our markets so thrilled to sell their work. We decide to start pop up markets JUST for students in collaboration with Newcastle and Gateshead Colleges. More details here

student markets.jpg
Mods of your generation interview May 21_edited.jpg

Mods of Your Generation

May 2021

An interview with top mod website

We were honoured to be interviewed for the premier mod website, Mods of Your Generation, which thanks to Johnny Bradley's hard work has a huge global mod following. Read the full article here

Lionheart Radio

June, July, August 2020

The Club a'Gogo Request Shows

We were thrilled to be interviewed by Tom Wilson on his Lionheart Radio show. This proved so popular we were offered three Club a'Gogo request shows. These shows offered some light relief for our members during those long lockdown months.

Lionheart radio flyer JPEG.jpg

Club a'Gogo Book published

December 2022

Club a'Gogo & The Mod Scene of 1960s Newcastle

We finally, after three years of research we publish our book on the Club a'Gogo and the thriving 60s mod scene. This is their story. Order now via link

Book pics me and Paul.jpg
Exhibition poster WEBSITE.pptx.png

Mod Exhibition in Newcastle

February/March 2023

“It's my life .... and I'll do what I want"

We curate our first exhibition in Newcastle. 'It's my life ...' was a  mini exhibition celebrating mod and 60s culture with a specific focus on the North East. We were thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to curate our very first exhibition on the 60s culture we love so much. More exhibitions are planned.

Mod Exhibition in Newcastle

February/March 2023

“It's my life .... and I'll do what I want"

A fantastic turnout with many original mods travelling from all over the world to relive their memories. One of the most visited exhibitions at Newcastle City Library and Paul was interviewed by Tyne Tees about the exhibition. A very proud day for us.


What next for us?

The story does not end here...

With our success in  lobbying for the Club a'Gogo plaque do not think our work is done. We plan to continue our work to ensure these important times in Newcastle's musical heritage are properly remembered. More plaques  are planned. Watch this space...

Jools and Paul Donnelly

Acta Non Verba

heritage plaque pre unveiling.jpg
me and paul_edited_edited.jpg

Mod Exhibition in Newcastle

February/March 2023

“It's my life .... and I'll do what I want"

An exciting time for us and quite daunting having never done an exhibition before but as Jools is an ex window dresser, her display skills were put to good use!

We were interviewed by the Newcastle Chronicle on why we feel it is so important to promote our more recent cultural history. Read full interview here 


It's coming ...

The Downbeat Magazine FACE Special

Is on it's way! Due to the time and energy we have had to put into organising the plaque unveiling ceremony, Issue 5 of The Downbeat is behind schedule, we aim to have this ready towards the end of Jan 2023. Pre order here

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