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“A truly wonderful site which captures the true soul of the sixties through the memories of those that experienced those wonderful times"

John Leo Waters

Original London Mod

and honorary Geordie!

"Big thanks to the lovely Jools and Paul for this very cool poster which now adorns my music room.  I would urge anybody that has an interest in 60s mod to visit their wonderful Facebook Club a' Gogo site, check it out,

its good!"


John Hellier

Original London Mod

and Living Legend!

"Just to say thanks for running the Club a'Gogo site.  It's wonderful to be surprised by a couple of people I haven't been in touch with for so many years, I can't get my head round it.  Fantastic! Keep up the good work, thank you"

Ian Greenup

Original Newcastle Mod

"The Facebook Club a'Gogo group has brought memories flooding back.  What an interesting group!  Thank you so much for helping me relive my youth, there was so much I'd forgotten.  It was wonderful to relive those days, they will stay with me now forever.  Well done Jools and Paul"

Gillian Watson

Original Club a'Gogo Member

"I really enjoyed the Club a'Gogo launch party, there was a brilliant atmosphere and lots of people there of all ages.  It was a friendly right from the moment your entered the door"

Louisa Grace

Newcastle girl around town

Age 18

“Club a'Gogo is an amazing chance for people to come together  and enjoy the music they love the most.  It lets people experience and appreciate the atmosphere, style and sounds of mod music.  It's absolutely brilliant!”

Tyra Harriman

North East Mod

Age 18

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