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The home of sub cult publishing in the North East

Were you ever part of a sub cult ‘tribe’ back in the 60s, 70s, 80’s or 90s? Were you a Mod, Goth, Suedehead, Punk, Indie kid or part of any other sub cult back then? Do you have a story to tell?  If so we would love to hear from you!  We are an independent book publisher based in the North East of England with a keen interest in preserving the memories of those who were there back in the glory days. Named after the sadly missed Handyside Arcade ‘home of the sub cults’, we are making it our mission to get those voices heard before they are lost forever. Get involved, get in touch, your sub cult needs you!


And don't forget we also publish sub cult magazine The Downbeat, back issues available here.


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Word document conversion

Conversion of author’s word file into PDF with typographical layout to ensure top print quality.


Book Cover, Back and Spine Design

Bespoke book design by our design team.


Book Layout and Design

We will turn your manuscript into a print ready book with a professional looking layout and images supplied by you.


Proof Reading

We will do an initial proof read, the final proof read will be signed off by yourself.

Print Ready Design

We will work with you to finalise your design vision and get your book print ready.


ISBN Registration

The international standard book number to uniquely identify your book worldwide.

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European Article Number (EAN) barcode

Scanning barcode for your book.


Book Distribution

Your book will be available to order by major on line retailers such as Waterstones. Please note we cannot guarantee these retailers will purchase your book. Your book will also be listed for sale on our website.



Once your book is published, we will promote on all of our social media platforms.


Book signing

We can arrange a book signing if you choose this option.

BUT What's the cost?

How long is a piece of string? With so many price variables involved we will work with you to offer the best and most affordable book publishing package to suit your budget.  Email us now for an informal chat 

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Club a'Gogo & The Mod Scene of 1960s Newcastle

The story of Newcastle’s legendary Club a' Gogo and the Mod scene of 1960s Newcastle. Through extensive interviews with the original mods and club goers of the North East, they tell us their story, a story of what it was really like to be young during those halcyon days in Newcastle's cultural history.  We will walk you through the streets of   Newcastle in the 1960s, entering the clubs, coffee bars and hang outs of the Newcastle mods. The memories, photographs and memorabilia of the North East mods give us an insight into that magical moment in time, the mod years and of their sheer delight at being young at that pivotal time in history.   

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diary of a mod girl

coming in 2023

Diary of a Mod Girl is the life of Anne Wilson Cotton, Newcastle mod and stylish girl around town.  Anne lived in a city once described as a ‘Mecca for mods’ and in her detailed diary from 1965 we see Newcastle and the exciting mod scene through the eyes of an 18 year old girl.  Her diary includes nights spent in Newcastle’s top mod club, Club a’Gogo, partying with the Rolling Stones, mod weekenders to the Coast, the mod fashions for boys and girls and Anne’s thoughts and memories from those exciting days.  A true fly on the wall insight into the magical mod years.


Why cant I be you 3D mock up.jpg

why can't I be you?

The story of Newcastle's Handyside Arcade

Were you a Mod, Goth, Punk, Indie kid or part of any other sub cult who was one of 'Saturday's Kids' at the Handyside Arcade? Did you hang out a the Kard Bar or Fynd? Do you still smell the Petunia Oil when you reminisce about Newcastle's lost arcade? Well we want to hear from you to be part of our book 'Why can't I be You?'. Get involved, get in touch. Email Jools now at



Don't just dream about getting your book published, get started now and get in touch to discuss your  your book idea.


Remember we are a publishing house with a special focus on sub cult history. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jools Whitfield

Handyside Arcade Publishing

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