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ARCADIA and Stiff Records

ARCADIA is back this Friday and We get an eclectic bunch at our Arcadia nights; Punks, New Wavers, New Romantics, Mods, Teds and Indie kids all enjoying the sounds of those glory years . And we were chuffed to meet this lovely guy at our Arcadia night

Chris Morton (2nd left with the artist Conrad Milne) was the Art Director at the iconic record label , Stiff Records. Chris is a design legend , designing numerous award winning album covers and artwork. To actually get to meet Chris who was part of the soundtrack of our youth was pretty amazing, and what a lovely guy too.

If you'd

like to enjoy Arcadia like Chris , tickets are available Via the link below .

See you there kids!!

Ps Chris is featuring in Issue 5 of The Downbeat Magazine. Do not miss it!

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