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Club a'Gogo in Art Installation

We are delighted that the Club a'Gogo is getting the recognition it rightly deserves and is what we have been lobbying for over the last two years . Club a'Gogo has been included in this fantastic light installation at Newcastle University.

This Club a'Gogo installation is part of the UnderNorthStars festival by the Novak Collective and is happening this very weekend so do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a piece of Club a'Gogo history.

The organisers have credited us for our work in promoting the memory of this amazing Newcastle club 'Home of The Animals' and we in turn wish to credit Roger Smith for his tireless work in remembering Newcastle's musical heritage with his website Ready Steady Gone.

Jools and Paul Donnelly

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wow this looks amazing

Paul & Jools
Paul & Jools
May 10, 2022
Replying to

It was! X

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