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Get Carter Q&A Screening

Me and Paul were at the 50th Anniversary Screening of Get Carter on Friday. The Q&A was with the British film Director Tony Klinger, son of Get Carter's Producer Michael Klinger. Not our usual cinema outing as we were lucky enough to be guests of Tony Klinger, so what do you wear for a posh night at the flicks??

I'm wearing my new vintage cardigan with suede front, a 1950s silk scarf, a 50s crocodile skin handbag and vintage cream leather shoes from my favourite vintage shop In London, Hunky Dory.

The film was fantastic to see on the big screen (what a difference!) and they have done something clever with it to restore the image quality. I think there are to be more screenings across the country from June, if you get a chance, go see.

Ps Paul did

get to ask that burning question 'just which pub WAS it that Jack enters on his arrival in Newcastle?' ... a very contentious issue

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