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The Club a'Gogo Walking Tour

NEW FOR MAY/JUNE 2022 - To coincide with the unveiling of the Club a'Gogo heritage plaque we will be releasing dates for the Club a'Gogo history walks.

These walks will take you through Newcastle's rich musical past leading up to the opening of the Club a'Gogo in 1962. We will cover the Newcastle jazz scene of the 1950s, visiting such locations as the Royal Arcade, the New Orleans Jazz Club then moving on to the visit sites of the burgeoning R&B scene, you will see the site of the Downbeat Club & the Marimba Club. We will also look at the Mod culture of 1960s Newcastle, the Mod hangouts, the shops etc. We will end the tour at the site of the Handyside Arcade building, was home to Newcastle's legendary Club a'Gogo giving you a chance to view and taken pictures of Newcastle's newest heritage plaque.

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