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The history behind the name...

You thought you might be curious as to why we have called our afternoon sessions 'The Pit at Club a'Gogo... Well a little bit of mod history for you to explain the name 'The Pit'. In 1960s Newcastle the mods favourite Saturday hangout was a basement coffee shop called the Paletta. The Paletta was one of a number of coffee shops in Newcastle owned by Carricks. The Patella was located opposite the Old Eldon Square on Blackett Street, it can just be seen to the right of the YMCA entrance. It was a basement cafe and the Newcastle mods nicknamed it 'The Pit'. The Pit was where the mods went to see and be seen. We are big on remembering Newcastle's mod history hence the name for our Saturday afternoon sessions.

The street that the Pit was located on was demolished along with parts of Old Eldon Square to make way for the Eldon Square shopping centre wiping out some of the most beautiful parts of Newcastle.

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