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What a way to spend a Sunday...

Well what an unusual way to spend a Sunday ... Myself and Paul were honoured to be invited to take part in a photography exhibition which will be shown later this year in Newcastle.The exhibition is the work of the Documentary Photographer, Laura Liverani and has previously been shown in Milan. It includes interviews and photographs of mementoes chosen by each subject.

Our chosen mementoes (which have huge sentimental value to us) were Paul's choice of the Specials Illustrated Songbook and my choice which was my notebook 'of useless information' from when I was a teenager. It contains details of my record collection and also my rather tragic 'mod' outfits.

Laura Liverani is a documentary photographer and university lecturer based between Tokyo and Italy. Laura works internationally on independent projects and a variety of commissions, ranging from editorial to commercial assignments. Her work has featured in the Guardian, Marie Claire, Benetton Clothes for Humans, Washington Post, New Scientist and Grazia.

Laure turned out to be a really lovely lady,

Very patient with me when I fluffed my lines when being interviewed and also she was very interested in our heritage work, our events (which she is going to come to!) and also the stories behind our chosen mementoes .

A great day!

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