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Club a'Gogo & The Mod Scene of 1960s Newcastle

The story of Newcastle's legendary Club a' Gogo and the Mod scene of 1960s Newcastle. Through extensive interviews with the original mods and club goers of the North East, they tell us their story, a story of what it was really like to be young in those glory years of Newcastle's musical history. Newcastle in the 1960s was known as a 'Mod Mecca’ the book describes the mod haunts, the clubs, the scooters, the music and of course their love of clothes. Covering also Newcastle's Beat and jazz scene and the early days of The Animals. But above all this is the story of the thrill of being a teenager and of their sheer joy for life spent in a Newcastle that sadly no longer exists. For anyone who has an interest in the mod scene and of the social history of 1950s and 60s, Newcastle this book is a must.


Published by Handyside Arcade Publications

Club a'Gogo & The Mod Scene of 1960s Newcastle

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