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The Downbeat Magazine - Issue 2



Taking its name from Newcastle's Jazz and R&B club, the Downbeat Club. The Downbeat, in its 60s heyday, was the place to go to for Beats, Mods and Jazz lovers of the North East. Following the success of Issue 1 of The Downbeat, Issue 2 focusses on ‘The Girls’ with articles on Edie Sedgwick, Diary of a Mod Girl and pieces on fashion and art from some of those sassy gals out there!


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As well featuring ‘The Girls’ The Downbeat magazine in Issue 2 will cover music, art, sub cults, film and fashion and encompass all of our passions in one place. Expect to see interviews with people we admire and respect. The magazine will predominantly have a 60s flavour but not always. And we will feature an article on the North East's musical heritage each issue. We have no advertising in the magazine so it is stuffed full with editorial.


The Downbeat is in A4 format and printed on 130 gsm glossy paper… so grab this piece of glossy fabulousness! It’s what the smartest of coffee tables have been waiting for…



The Downbeat Magazine - Issue 2

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