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Club a’Gogo Book Review …

The book reviews are starting to come in and so far the feedback on our new book ‘Club a’Gogo & The Mod Scene of 1960s Newcastle’ has been fantastic (that’s a relief 😅). Huge thanks to Juan Fitzgerald for his very detailed review. In Juan’s own words …

“From a description of the early days of the Club a'GoGo, to its demise in 1968, the book 'Club a' GoGo and the Mod scene of 1960's Newcastle' takes an affectionate look at a venue that was THE coolest place to go in the 1960s!

The Rolling Stones would go there to dance after their City Hall gigs and the Animals became the club's house band. Later, with shrewd booking, top up and coming acts would visit the club. Such as the Who, Cream , Pink Floyd and Hendrix would play there.

The Club a' GoGo book also looks at the mod fashions of the club's clientele. These are often first hand accounts by the club goers which gives a real authenticity. I particularly liked the account of the Tootal silk scarf worn by WW2 pilots that were adopted by the mods. The scarf would keep the pilots necks warm without chafing, when the pilots were looking round for enemy planes.

There aren't many clubs you could go to where the singer with the band The Gasboard was also, on another day, the DJ in a white suit playing a club favourite "The in crowd"... the DJ being a Mr Bryan Ferry!

It is a thoroughly evocative and enjoyable slice of 60's social history for lovers of music and mod culture alike. It conjures up a vivid image of the GoGo as Newcastles answer to the Liverpool's Cavern club”

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